Disclaimer ‘Dear Customer’ Please read, take note & proceed on your acceptance. We’ve made our best efforts to obtain your details and instruction from you on your behalf for the purpose of your move, however, we can’t guarantee that ‘all’ information has been provided to us and therefore can’t guarantee an exact scope of works for job. We can, however, guarantee a set hourly rate. Smart Lift Removals offers complete ‘goods in transit’ insurance which covers your items against Fire, Theft & Collisions on the Road. Whilst every precaution is taken to ensure your Items are properly secured with Blankets and Strapping we leave it at your own discretion and responsibility to take up ‘Accidental Damage’ insurance if you feel it’s appropriate. Unless Smart Lift Removals has been engaged to do the packing as a Service, packing for the move is at the customer’s responsibility and obligation. Smart Lift Removals has the right to deny transitioning any items which include illegal items and items which carry potential health hazards.

Smart Lift Removals can only transport firearms if they are Legally Registered, the customer must also notify us upfront if they require Firearms and Ammunition moved so the appropriate driver with appropriate licenses may be allocated to the Job. A copy of your relevant License is a requirement as well.