Mission statement

We’re an energetic team who loves picking up Furniture and getting a sweat on! we love what we do. Our team has over 50 years of combined industry experience, we know all the mistakes and how to do things properly.

We go by the saying ‘Lift Smart, Pack Soft, Strap Tight, Drive Easy’. We will make you next moving exercise easy and enjoyable. We have a few different types of vehicles, mainly trucks, based on what you tell us we’ll work out what one’s right for your move?

Our Advantages

  • 01

    Experienced Staff
  • 02

    Fit Boys
  • 03

    Experienced Truck Drivers
  • 04

    Happy Lifters
  • 05

    Problem Solvers
  • 06

    Rapping, Packing, Stacking and Strapping Geeks ,-)